header-charterWhy Charter?

Aircraft charter is the most convenient method of travel for residents and visitors in the Detroit area. With our local airline service only offering few options for nonstop travel, aircraft charter provides an efficient alternative.

Traveling by aircraft charter is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to travel. When chartering an aircraft, you can utilize over 5,000 airports available nationwide, compared to the only 500 airports used by airlines. These airports are commonly known as general aviation airports, private airports, regional airports or executive airports. Most communities have these smaller airports, which enable you to reduce your driving time to a larger airport.

Travel on Your Own Schedule

Arrive to the airport and immediately board your aircraft, with no delays.

Avoid connecting flights that prevent you from accomplishing your business all in one day.

Make multiple visits to clients in different cities and return home refreshed the same day, in time for dinner with the family.

Travel in Privacy


Work on the aircraft without the worry of others hearing your conversation or reading your computer screen.

Sleep in a peaceful, quiet cabin as your prepare for your destination.

Prevent your business competitors from learning who you are visiting today.


Drive right up to your aircraft and your luggage is immediately and carefully loaded onto the aircraft for you.

No worries about your luggage being lost on a private aircraft.

Equipment that you’d never risk on an airliner can be safely transported by private aircraft.

Pets can fly in the cabin with you and, in most cases, can sit on your lap or at your feet without a pet carrier.

Special amenities on board business jets, such as satellite phones, help keep you in touch with other employees on the ground during rapidly changing situations.

Elderly passengers and those needing special assistance find that traveling by private jet relieves the stress and uncertainty that comes with connecting flights when traveling by airlines.

Why Pontiac Flight Service?

You can enjoy the benefit of having your own private flight department by flying on the same aircraft each time, with the same pilots, without the commitment and expense of aircraft ownership or fractional shares. We offer an unblemished safety record. Our pilots are the cornerstone of our company so we hire only the best.

We strive to develop long term relationships and will work hard to earn your referrals. Every one of our team members, from dispatcher to owner of the company, is available 24/7 to take your phone call and answer your questions or concerns.

If we don’t have the right aircraft in our fleet to meet your needs, we’ll tell you honestly – and then we’ll find and screen the aircraft that fits your needs from our affiliate network of private charter aircraft.